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2020    CQ Red Shoes Rock - FASD Awareness Walk took place on 9 September 2020 hosted by CQ Youth Connect - Queensland Health.  The event was well attended considering social distancing and COVID-19 arrangements. Next year this event will occur on Thursday 9 September 2021. Make sure its in your calendar!

What is 'Red Shoes Rock' all about?

The Red Shoes Rock movement was started in 2013 by RJ Formanek, an educator and advocate living with FASD. He decided to wear red shoes to stand out, be noticed and have fun starting conversations about FASD. In his blog FASD: Presumption of Competence , RJ describes the challenges of living with a hidden disability: “Our brains really are structured differently, and they operate differently … and try as we might we cannot always fulfill those expectations placed upon us.” RJ Formanek is also the founder of the Facebook support group for adults with FASD, called Flying with Broken Wings.

Pics from 2020 Red Shoes Walk COMING SOON!!

2019 1st 'Red Shoes Rock' FASD Awareness Walk - CQ 

CQ Youth Connect - Queensland Health (a member of the FASD CQ Alliance) hosted the 1st 'Red Shoes Rock' Awareness Walk & Morning Tea.  The event was supported by many community members and agencies including  PCYC, Darumbal Youth services, Deadly Choices, Every Child CQ and members of the FASD CQ Alliance. See event pics below.


2018  FASD CQ Alliance hosted  Anne Russell, Founder of The Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association (rffada),  FASD Consultant, Author & International Speaker delivered training on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder to educators in Rockhampton region, while sharing her valuable personal experiences and expertise on FASD.

FASD Symposium group.jpg
Anne Russell.jpg


2017 was the year for the upscaling of FASD awareness in CQ with the FASD Symposium - Central Queensland and the formation of the FASD CQ Alliance .  We saw experts in the field of FASD [Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder] gather for the 2017 FASD Symposium - Central Queensland.  The Symposium was held over 2 days with Workshops and Training occurring on the second day.  300 people attended each day.  Our region was very fortunate to have had these wonderful people - Dr Heidi Webster, Dr Kerryn Bagley, Dr Janet Hammill, Louise Gray-(Executive Officer-NOFASD) share their knowledge and experience in FASD. We were very grateful to Jeff McMullen AM, Australian journalist, author, television presenter and Ambassador for NOFASD who was our Symposium MC. Dr Kerryn Bagley & Dr Heidi Webster. The event raised  awareness of FASD and was attended by health professionals, educators, service providers, government agencies and community members.

Numbers anticipated were 90 per day.  The actual numbers per day exceeded 150.  300 people in all attended the Symposium on Day 1 and the Professional Development training on Day 2.

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